This is not a gym, drug, or diet. Just 7-10 minutes, once a week, and you won’t even break a sweat. It works for people of all ages and fitness levels, and you will leave feeling energized.


Stronger Bones and Muscles

  • Proven measurable increase in muscle strength and bone density

  • Regenerate bone density and grow stronger muscle tissue

  • Reverse the effects of Osteoporosis and symptoms of muscle and bone degeneration


Better Balance and Agility

  • One of the core necessities to playing sports and living a quality, active life

  • Improve your balance and agility after just a few sessions

  • Proven results include playing better golf, tennis, team sports, and playing with your grandchildren


Performance and Less Pain

  • Increase physical performance like the pro athletes while decreasing injury occurrence at all ages

  • Play sports stronger, faster, better, and longer

  • Play with your children, grandchildren, and eliminate joint and back pain


Technology and Safety

  • Drug-free, patented, safe system triggers neurological responses for maximum results

  • Get back in the game of life and sports faster...speed up rehabilitation from sports and accident injuries

  • Customized to your physical ability and your comfort level with progress tracking and performance reports


Fast and Easy to Use

  • One 7-10 minute session once a week will leave you feeling energized and refreshed

  • You won't even break a sweat...no need for gym clothes; come dressed as you are

  • You won't have muscle soreness or fatigue afterwards